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Probably the best selling Facebook marketing e-manual in Europe!


Today, online advertising has become a true science. New technologies also bring new knowledge in the field of internet marketing; however they are often very expensive for small users and are often unavailable due to limited financial resources.

Advertising on social networks has become increasingly popular; however it requires a lot of knowledge and special marketing skills from users. Our business is one of the first to make a big step for small entrepreneurs.

For you, we have prepared a new e-manual – Facebook page, face of your company- that will take you to the world of social networking and help you with the first steps to the professional look of your business page and successful advertising. E-manual is intended for anyone who is relatively new to Facebook, or for all those who already have it, although do not exploit its full potential. At the same time it will guide to the most successful business Facebook site.

The e-manual will help you:


• Get to know the Facebook platform
• Learn how to use the tools that Facebook provides for the purpose of managing pages and advertising
• Get to know basic marketing techniques
• Create your own advertising promotions

Are you still wondering if you need our e-manual? The answer is simple. Today, the Facebook platform is being used by over one billion people worldwide and more than half a million Slovenians. Statistically it has been proven that every day of inactivity on social networks loses from 2 to even 10 potential customers. The E-Manual will help you to the professional appearance of your site, the greater visibility of your business and consequently, the greater sales. But most importantly, you will save money on advertising.

The idea behind FB&Marketing is that every individual, irrespective of his education, can  help himself with our e-Manual to successfully create his business Facebook page,  manage the site and create advertising campaigns without hiring advertising companies that require a lot of money for their services.


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